Protect You and Your Family With a Flu Shot

The flu season is rapidly approaching, which means that flu prevention should be of utmost concern. This is when the most vulnerable among us should receive a flu shot from their own physician or any reputable health facility. Need to schedule a flu shot? Sisselman Medical Group offers flu shots at both of our convenient Long Island offices.

The Dangers of Influenza

In the United States, the flu season normally stretches from late fall to early spring. Although there are different types of influenza, the disease is normally spread through the air. Those who contract the flu can expect to experience a number of symptoms, including a cough and a runny nose. Depending upon the seriousness of the epidemic, from one in five to one in 20 Americans will contract the flu every year. The disease can be serious for some, claiming thousands of lives annually in this country alone.

How Flu Vaccines Work

Since it is a virus, the flu does not respond to antibiotics, which means the emphasis must be on prevention. This is possible through an annual influenza vaccination, commonly known as a flu shot. The vaccine helps the human immune system produce antibodies, which in turn helps protect the body from the disease. Despite the risk of minor side effects, a flu vaccination is safe and will never cause someone to develop the flu. Though not totally effective, a vaccination is considered by medical experts to be the best way to protect yourself from the flu.

Who Needs Flu Shots

Your doctor can help you determine who in your family should be vaccinated. Shots are normally recommended for high-risk groups, including senior citizens, young children and those with certain health conditions, including asthma, cancer and epilepsy, and those who are overweight. Additionally, those who work in group settings, including teachers, hospital workers or home care providers, should get a flu vaccination. Consider the importance of flu prevention and then schedule an appointment at one of our convenient offices.

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